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Getting The Most From Your Range Cooker This Autumn

Getting The Most From Your Range Cooker This Autumn

Autumn is just round the corner. And right now, you must be busy brainstorming about some incredibly creative recipes for the season. Well, in that case, I have exactly the kind of recipes you’re looking for. These meal ideas are perfect for anyone who’s looking out to whip up their meals on a Firebird range cooker. Check them out.

A meal of grilled steak and bacon

Nothing can be better than an appetizer of grilled steak and bacon for your autumn lunch. Here’s what you have to do. Start by trimming your streaks and seasoning them with salt and pepper. Now, lightly fry the bacon till they are crisp. When you’re done, remove the bacon from the pan and let the excess oil drain in a kitchen paper.

In the meanwhile, whisk vinegar and olive oil in a small container while pouring a bit of Roquefort in it. Dress the seasoning with enough peppers. Now fry stakes in a pan and arrange your salad leaves in the middle of a plate. Sprinkle little amounts of bacon and avocado on it.

When the steaks are finally cooked according to your preference, slice them and keep them in the middle of your salad. Add a spoonful of the dressing and serve.

A stew of chickpeas and chorizo

For this perfect autumn comfort food, heat some oil in a large frying pan or casserole over medium to high heat. Right after that, cook some pancetta and chorizo, for two to three minutes, till they are lightly crisp. Now remove them and drain the excess oil on a kitchen paper.

Follow this by switching the pan once again on medium heat. Add some onions and capsicums and cook them for five minutes till they are soft. Add the pancetta and chorizo back to the pan with a dash of garlic powder and oregano. Stir fry for a minute and add potatoes, chickpeas, stock, passata and some white wine. Season it with salt and pepper. Now, reduce the heat and cook for ten more minutes till the sauce is red and thick. Garnish the meal with parsley and serve it with garlic or crusty bread.

Lamb soup

Well, this is another range cooker autumn meal that’ll truly entice your taste buds. For the meal, add a tablespoon of oil on a saucepan and then cook a lamb in that oil for 5-7 minutes. Make sure the heat is high. After 7 minutes, remove the lamb from the pan and keep the oil. Cook the same oil once again in medium heat. Add some onion and garlic to it. Finally add the lamb, barley, a couple of rosemary sticks, lamb stock and 1 and a half cup of cold water. Reduce the heat and cook for 1 hour 30 minutes till the lamb is tender. Finally, season it with salt and pepper and serve it.

Stay warm this autumn with Firebird!