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The Advantages Of A Modern Range Cooker

The Advantages Of A Modern Range Cooker

The range cooker market is full of models with a modern appeal and those with a more traditional feel. Staggered cavity and colored enamel finishes layout on one hand, sleek symmetrical lines and contemporary designs on the other. The traditional look mainly focuses on the rounded and smooth features that are epitomized by cast iron details of 1960’s kitchen appliances.

Modern versions on the other hand combine cutting edge technology with great designs and user friendly features. They are a great choice for gourmets as well as large families. In general, range cookers give you the ability and the space to achieve professional results in your home kitchen. Available in dual fuel, gas, electric and LPG options, range cookers are the focal point of luxurious cooking a single stylish package.

Nevertheless, a good range cooker should last for many years and be a machine that you can rely on to make great meals every time! It is also a big buying decision, so you will want to make sure you get it right from the start. Here is what you need to know about Traditional range cookers and Modern Range Cookers:

What is the difference between a modern range cooker and a traditional range cooker?

Most traditional range cookers are of a similar size with modern range cookers and have similar design plus both cookers create a central point in the kitchen. Nonetheless there are many unique differences. Traditional range cookers are architected to cook using radiant heat, heating cast iron and cooking food at very high temperatures. They are designed to be an all-time heating source for the home as well as a cooking machine. In modern designs the heat produced is more controllable than traditional designs but what appeals more people about the traditional range cooker is its traditional feel and its use as a heating source.

Are there limitations when choosing a range cooker?

Range cookers offer great convenience and flexibility in terms of size, color, style, cooking capabilities and more functionality than most built in cookers. So finding one that suits your needs and your kitchen is very easy. First, it is important to think about your kitchen’s décor, whether it is traditional or modern, and choose a range cooker based on what you want to achieve. There are some ranges that have the same functions as the traditional one including a large oven space and a gas hob but with a sleek exterior design with modern colors. Or if you fancy a more classic look, there are also available in the market, but with modern cooking technologies.

The Statistics

So which one is more popular between the 2, modern or traditional? In a recent survey where over 4000 installations were made, the modern design accounted for 48 percent while the traditional design accounted for 52 percent. The products sold ranged from top of the range traditional style cooker such as those provided by Firebird here on this site to the modern cast iron range cookers with separate cooking and warming ovens and output to both home heating and hot water.. The slightly pricier end of the scale remained relatively high with over 24 percent of all cookers sold with a retail price that is over £1800. What is more is that the high end sales were more in the traditional designs than modern designs.

Final thoughts

Buying a good range cooker is a decision made with the head as much as with the heart. It is an appliance that will turn your kitchen’s look around and it offers unbeatable functionality in any busy Kitchen. Whether it is modern, classic or country, there is a design for every kitchen In a wide range of finishes and colors. Both models offer at least 2 ovens with a high powered grill and warming draw. The choice of a range cooker in your home can break or make the aesthetic feel and look of your kitchen environment. So when buying, it is important that you spend some time researching about the best one. A great range cooker whether modern or contemporary will set the visual tone of your kitchen.