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Firebird range cookers are available in a wide range of colours


Range Cooker ClaretClaret
Range-Cooker-Dark-BlueDark Blue


Fuel Choice

Firebird Range Cookers combine a high efficiency central heating and hot water system with cooking excellence. There are fuel options of oil or multi-fuel to provide the heat for heating and hot water unless you choose a model without the heating facility of course. However most people will want to take advantage of having a built in boiler which saves space by not requiring a separate heating and hot water system plus delivering fuel saving efficiencies by combining both heating/hot water and cooking.

Lashings of Hot Water

Every home needs lots of hot water and the Firebird range cooker uses modern controls to provide on demand hot water, fully integrated into the heating system.



The Firebird Range Cooker is available with or without either an oil condensing or multi-fuel boiler which provides high efficiency heat for central heating and hot water.

A-Energy-ratingSEDBUK A rated energy efficiency

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