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Mrs G of Wyton East Riding Yorkshire

Mrs G of Wyton East Riding Yorkshire

“We were looking to update our heating system and decided to replace our Aga and chose a Firebird range cooker because it provides both cooking and A rated energy efficient heating. As well as considerably reducing our fuel bills I am amazed at the overall cooking performance which I am delighted to say compares very favourably with my old Aga.”

Below are running cost comparisons carried out on Mrs G old Aga and the replacement Firebird Cooker.


Weekly fuel consumption.



The figures were based on using the Firebird Cooker 24hrs at 200°C the same as previously used on the Aga. Because the Firebird Cooker can be controlled and only used when cooking is required the consumption rate can be reduced even further. By replacing her standard efficiency oil burner she will save up to 30% on her annual fuel bills. Resulting in even greater savings.

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