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A Stylish Firebird Range Cooker for Winter

A Stylish Firebird Range Cooker for Winter

Winter is here. The thoughts many people probably have is how they will cook their dishes while keeping their homes warm. Here are some range cooking treats for winter that will eliminate the hassle in cooking and give you a warm welcome.

Multi Fuel Range Cookers

A solid fuel is an efficient and economical option for cooking your food and warming your house during winter. With a Firebird range cooker you can fuel your home in minutes using peat briquettes, compressed heat logs, scavenged wood, sawdust logs, manufactured smokeless fuel (MSF) or a combination of these solid fuels. The cooker offers maximum economy, performance and flexibility through an innovative combination of levers, dampers, and air intakes.

Efficient Range Cookers

Firebird range cookers are designed from cast iron which is a good conductor of heat. They heat up slowly but they are extremely good at preserving heat once they get the required temperature. They can keep your house warm during winter and always ready to cook. There are no conventional switches or dials on these cookers. They are fitted with a self-regulating mechanism which maintains consistent temperatures in the house. Another appealing feature of the Firbird is that you can use it to air out their clothes when they are wet.

Heat and Warmth with Range Cookers

A Firebird is synonymous to heat and warmth. Whenever you invite a Firebird into your home, you are guaranteed endless heat that will not only cook quality foods but also one that will keep you warm throughout the winter period. These appliances come with a timeless appeal which is represented by their classic styling and enameled exterior. These are features that have survived the test of time since 1992.

Firebird During Winter

During winter, the nights are long and very cold. The degree of warmth and comfort a Firebird range cooker can offer during winter is something you need to experience. With this type of cooking and heating experience, you can relax during winter without feeling that long and cold night. They come with a unique firewall gas burner which can be mounted safely to any wall to generate heat in your home. The heat generated by this burner can reach you no matter where you are seated.

The Classic Style

If you want to enjoy the homely comfort offered by installing one of our range cookers. A stylish addition to any home. It not only provides the quality of food but also responds to extreme cold during winter. You don’t need to worry about running costs. You can run it continually the whole day and switch it off in the evening.