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Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

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Energy Efficiency

Whilst over the years the vaporising oil fired heat storage cookers have become the generic brand synonymous with cast iron range cookers, more and more people confronted with higher energy prices are now considering alternative models which are much more efficient and amenable to modern living styles.

We believe the Firebird range of oil and multi-fuel cookers meets all these requirements and will considerably reduce your fuel bills.

The heat storage cooker must be left on almost continuously, whereas the Firebird cooker, fired by modern reillo efficient pressure jet oil burners, combined with the latest digital controls; helps the user to keep control by providing heat when it is wanted. This results in considerable fuel savings.

The firebird SEDBUK A rated range of central heating cookers is the highest efficiency rated on the market today. See independent report www.rangeefficiency.org.uk

If you are thinking of changing your old Rayburn, Alpha, ESSE, Heritage, Stanley or any other brand with a standard efficiency boiler the Firebird Range Cooker with a high efficiency condensing boiler is a perfect choice.

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