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Cooking Excellence

Cooking Excellence

When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like a range cooker to give fantastic succulent food, getting the most flavour from ingredients because of the gentle cooking method. And the Firebird Range Cooker allows you to produce supreme cooking which is equally perfect for your Sunday roast or traditional home baking.

A traditional cast iron range cooker differs from a standard cooker in several ways, but it is easy to adapt quickly to the changes and to experience the benefits. The main difference is in the indirect oven heat – it is less harsh because the heat source is outside the oven with the heat passing through the oven walls. This helps to block in moisture and natural taste.

Because of the combination of heat between the oven and hot plates, you have all the temperature ranges available for your cooking requirements.



The Firebird range cooker will bake fry grill boil roast simmer toast and griddle.


  • Attractive, high quality enamel finish for good looks and robustness
  • Large cast iron hot plates and lids to ensure excellent heat retention
  • Large main oven with totally balanced temperature which operates up to 250°C
  • Large secondary oven for additional cooking or warming. (Easy to lower temperature for slow cooking?)
  • User-friendly digital controls with on/off feature for optimum management
  • The Firebird range cooker allows for independent control of heating and cooking which can therefore be used simultaneously
  • Heavy duty robust cast iron design
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • High efficiency SEDBBUK A rated condensing oil boiler available in 26kW or 35kW output
  • Multifuel boiler features easy ignition, on/off cooker switch, easy clean and offers wood or solid fuel options

Simon Wright

simon-wrightOne of Britain’s leading food critics. He is a former editor of the AA Restaurant Guide and has worked as the Restaurant Consultant on every episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. He has presented food programmes on the BBC, Channel 4 and BBC Radio Wales. His books include Touch Cooking (2005) and The Wright Taste (2009). He is also a partner in the award-winning restaurant Y Polyn, near his home in West Wales. All these things mean he is well qualified to comment on the quality of the food used and the appliances it’s cooked on.

Simon was so impressed with both the ascetics appeal and cooking and heating performance of the Firebird multi fuel cooker he chose to install it as a focal point in his new adventure the Wright Food Emporium. Customers can not only experience the cooking charm of the Firebird but can see first hand how professional cooks use the cooker.

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