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A Day in the Life with a Range Cooker


Here’s an average, busy weekday with the range cooker settled in the kitchen.

7:30 am

The rain’s going outside. No need to open the curtains there won’t be any light coming in anyways. Heading down to the kitchen, the first port of call is heaping a few spoons of coffee grounds into the stovetop percolator and placing it on the hot plate. That gives a moment to lean against the range’s railing – there’s a lot of that done in the house. Porridge usually comes next, sipping the coffee and stirring. The dog yawns and patters over before lying down from the effort of waking up. I stroke him with my slipper.


8:00 am

person holding knitted textiles

Time to empty the drying rack, folding the clothes while warm to cut down on the ironing. In they go to the laundry basket. They’ll head back to the wardrobes eventually. The range hums gently. I grab last night’s washing (using the night-rate electricity) and hang them along the rack.


8:10 am

Ten minutes in the morning to make the dinner saves an hour of being hungry and cranky arriving in after work. I use any recipe from the slow cooker cookbook on the shelf. Usually, it takes some form of throwing roughly chopped produce into a casserole pot, a few herbs or spices and water. In it goes to the lower oven for some seriously slow stewing.


8:20 am

Out the door for the day job.


6:30 pm

Again, it’s black outside. Again, I managed to forget the umbrella in the boot. Again, I’m drenched through. Taking off coat and squelching shoes, throwing them on and under the drying rack. Hide is firmly planted against the railing again. Next, I grab plates, open the bottom range door and let the steam warm up my muscles.

Thick, stained oven gloves take out a piping dish for the evening. It’s Bourguignon with a handful of baby potatoes, looks and tastes fancy – sticky sauce circles the rim which I scoop out for myself. Today’s a Friday, so red will do nicely. There’s time for candles too.


8:00 pm

Time for the whistling kettle to perch on the hot plate. We make a game of choosing a Netflix before it starts singing. We rarely win.


11:00 pm

Pottering off to bed, the range winds down too, ready for tomorrow’s breakfast pancakes.