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Food Critic Simon Wright On Our Range Cookers

Food Critic Simon Wright On Our Range Cookers

Some of you may have heard of Simon Wright The creator of ‘Wright’s Food Emporium” A food critic, and former editor of AA Restaurant Guide. He has been involved in numerous TV programmes from The Wright Taste to Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

As part of the emporium concept, we have incorporated a Firebird Multifuel Range Cooker as a key element of how we perceive the delivery of cooking excellence. The idea is to allow customers to see and experience for themselves how to get the best from their ingredients.


In my experience with restaurant ownership, I decided to investigate range cookers and having trialled several, preferred the Firebird range cooker for its cooking excellence and also because it can heat the premises at the same time. In due course, we will be extending the heating system using the integral biomass boiler to heat the rest of the premises.


I chose the Firebird primarily for its heating and cooking performance. It also offers superb aesthetic appeal and innovations in design – notably its balanced control to ensure consistent oven temperatures so there are no hot spots.


It is of solid cast iron construction which maximises heat retention and incorporates an innovative control system which allows for the independent use of central heating and cooking and I have found it to be most economical.


Simon Wright

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