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Seasoning Your Ovenware

Seasoning Your Ovenware

Seasoning an ovenware allows one to prepare a great tasting product without necessarily using a lot of oil, fat or butter. Seasoning an ovenware also offers a surface that is stick-resistant, making it easy for you to clean it. In addition, seasoning prevents an ovenware from rusting hence giving it a longer lasting life. This article will provide a step by step guide on how you can season your ovenware.

1. Wash the Ovenware

Start by washing your ovenware thoroughly. Use some warm water and a mild washing detergent to scrub both the interior and the exterior of the ovenware. If you have purchased your ovenware as new, it will be coated using wax coating so as to prevent wax; this needs to be scrubbed away.

2. Coat With Oil

Coat the interior part of the ovenware with a layer of oil. It is best if you can use oil which has a high smoke point such as peanut oil. Use your fingers to properly coat the interior part of the ovenware including the inner rim.

3. Heat The Oiled Pan

The ovenware can either be seasoned in an oven or the stove. If you will be using the stove, follow this simple guideline:

  • – Place the ovenware over moderate heat
  • – Allow it to sit there until the oil begins to smoke

If you will be using an oven:

  • – Place the oiled ovenware in an oven
  • – Adjust the heat and ensure it’s between 300 and 350 Fahrenheit
  • – Let it sit there for an hour

4. Cool The Ovenware

Once you have removed the ovenware from the heat, allow it to cool until a point where it can be handled. Then wipe all the excess oil using a paper towel. To avoid any excess scratching, you can place a layer of paper towels between each stacked ovenware.

5. Cleaning The Seasoned Ovenware

To ensure that you maintain the seasoning on your ovenware, it is vital that you avoid washing it with soap. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe it after each use. If food sticks on it, use oil and salt to scrub it then wipe it using a paper towel. If at all you will be forced to wash the ovenware using soap, repeat the steps above to re-season it before your next use.

In Summary

The best way to avoid food from sticking on your ovenware when cooking is by thoroughly preheating it before adding any ingredients. This will prevent cold or hot spots on the ovenware and also will allow food to cook more evenly.