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Winter Foods With Firebird Range

Winter Foods With Firebird Range

Winter and food is a mouthwatering combination. Forget your usual restaurant fare and make some awesome recipes right at home. Using your Firebird Range it is possible to create a warm personal meal in winter warms and charms the soul like nothing else. As I write this we are in early January and the temperature outside is munus 4 degrees celcius, I know that I am craving some nourishing foods to ward off the cold, so it’s time to explore some winter recipes which you can make with just an oven. Now surviving off an oven may look a little laid-back but the truth is it is unbelievably convenient. And if you are a lover of nice crust over your meat, pizza, or pasta then the oven should be your best friend. Nothing gives your food a wider variety of texture other than the humble oven. It has been mankind’s most faithful discovery and every foodie’s greatest ally. So, let’s explore some winter food recipes with just the oven.

Firebird Range Cookers Offers So Many Options

First comes breakfast. And when it comes to breakfast, the English breakfast is the status quo. In England, they have English breakfast for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. It’s filling and will keep you going for long. This is what the English had every morning, before colonizing half the earth. So, to cook an English Breakfast you need protein, lots, and lots of it. First comes sausages, then bacon, then eggs and then beans. To balance with some carbohydrates, toss in two slices of bread, some mushrooms, cut/slice a potato and one tomato. For a more traditional touch, you need black pudding, which is available in the meat section. All you need is a tray and of course, an oven. The sausages take the most time so put them in first. Brush it up with some oil and give it 10 minutes at 350 F. Next add the bacon and bake for 5 minutes. Now you are ready for the final lap. Pop in the mushrooms, the potatoes, tomatoes and black pudding, all with a little brush up of oil. Crack two eggs right on the tray and pour some canned beans in a small bowl and put it down in the tray. It goes into the oven for another 10 minutes and when it gets out you have your breakfast.

Another classic recipe you can make with the oven is mouthwatering barbecues. Yes, oven barbequeues are now incresingly common, a great idea if you have a large conservatory or orangery. The light this time of year can be fantastic with bright sunshine, so taking advantage of that indoors can be a great emotional pick-me-up, not to mention a more sensible option when it’s not so comfortable to grill out in the yard. For this, you need a medium size chunk of baby back ribs around 2 lbs. Season with the meat with some salt, pepper, and paprika and wrap it in an aluminum foil wrap. This goes into your oven for 2 hours at 250 F. This will melt the fat to give awesome flavor and cook the meat to a tender and juicy core. Take it out and drain out all the excess fat. Next, apply your favorite barbecue sauce on both sides and cook it at 350F for 10 minutes. Take it out and then put in a second layer of sauce and pop it back in for 10 minutes, same temperature. Repeat this for 3-4 times to get that crunchy crust on top. Slice up the ribs and let treat yourself with some delicious meat.