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Firebird Range Cookers- Energy Efficiency

Firebird Range Cookers- Energy Efficiency

We have over 30 years in the heating industry and our condensing boiler is designed as a single boiler unit with two unique heat exchanger units. The additional surface area, aided by the unique patented baffle design, increases the amount of heat extracted from the combustion process and thus reduces the heat wasted to the atmosphere.

With rising fuel prices more people are considering more cost-effective cookers that are easily adaptable to a modern lifestyle. We believe the Firebird range of oil and multi-fuel cookers meets all these requirements and will considerably reduce your fuel bills.

Most heat storage cookers must be left on almost continuously, whereas the Firebird cooker, fired by modern reillo efficient pressure jet oil burners, combined with the latest digital controls; helps the user to keep control by providing heat when it is wanted. This results in considerable fuel savings.

The Firebird SEDBUK A rated range of central heating cookers is the highest efficiency rated on the market today. See independent report www.rangeefficiency.org.uk .

All of our cookers are available with or without either an oil condensing or multi-fuel boiler which provides high efficiency heat for central heating and hot water. Having a built in boiler will not only save space by not requiring a separate heating and hot water system it will deliver fuel saving efficiency by fully integrating in the heating system and combine both heating/hot water and cooking which will help you keep your fuel costs as low as possible (up to 30% per year in comparison to another oil fired range cooker and conventional boiler) , and you will be aiding in the reduction of global warming.

The Firebird Range cooker are available in Oil Fired and Multi-Fuel ranges. To find the right Firebird range cooker for you please visit our website: www.firebirdrangecookers.com to learn more.