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Cooking  With Firebird’s  Multifuel Range Cooker & Oil Fired Range Cooker

Cooking With Firebird’s Multifuel Range Cooker & Oil Fired Range Cooker

No matter what cooking style you have, the Firebird range cooker will deliver excellent results every time this is because of the indirect oven heat – it is not as harsh as a standard oven because the heat source is outside the oven with the heat passing through the oven walls. This helps to block in moisture and natural taste, allowing you to get the most taste of the ingredients used.

The perfectly balanced heat of the main oven is achieved by accurately controlling the temperature which can rise up to 250°C ideal for roasting, baking and grilling. The bottom oven operates at approximately half the temperature of the main oven ideal for slow cooking, producing delicious tasting stews, casseroles, sauces and soups.

You can also cook directly on the hot plates which are excellent for toasting, scones and pancakes, because of the intense heat it’s ideal for searing steaks making them deliciously tender inside.

Britains most famous food critic Simon Wright trialled a series of cookers before opening his cafe/shop ‘Wright’s Food Emporium’ and decided to stick with our Multifuel range cookers. He said:

“ I chose the Firebird primarily for its heating and cooking performance. It also offers superb aesthetic appeal and innovations in design – notably its balanced control to ensure consistent oven temperatures so there are no hot spots….To be honest I tried it and loved it, and still do because it is a joy to cook with and it continues the quality and individuality ethos of the emporium.” 

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The Firebird Range cooker is available in Oil Fired and Multi-Fuel to find the right Firebird oven for you please visit our website: www.firebirdrangecookers.com to learn more.