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Summer Baking Ideas

Summer Baking Ideas

There are many fun things to do in the summer and summer baking is one of them. The idea of baking on a hot day may put you off but the fun you will have is definitely worth it. What about those rainy summer afternoons? Baking will keep you busy enough to avoid boredom and pass the time faster. It is also a cheap and easy way to get quick light meals for the summer. Wondering what you can bake in the summer? Here are some ideas to help you.

Pies for picnic

Picnics are a good occasion to have pies. Try a hand at summer pies and you will have a lot of fruits and nuts to use. There are so many variations of pies all you have to do is choose the one you like and get baking.

Wedding cakes

Summer is the time of the year when wedding bells are heard mostly. If a friend is having a wedding making them a grand wedding cake will go a long way in helping with making their biog day actualize as reality. Try a fruit cake and make use of the many varieties you have to choose from. They will surely appreciate the effort.

Party puffs

Only during summer will you get fresh asparagus to use as filling in these puffs. They are fast to prepare and an ideal snack. It only takes a few minutes since they do not require much twiddling and tucking.

Chocolate Brownies

These tasty snacks are easy to bake and the variations you can have make the venture fun. You can vary the fruits as you want and thanks to the summer weather the options are abundant. Try cherries with dark brownies and strawberries in white chocolate brownies. It is time to have fun!

Arctic roll

Add a summer fruit to the arctic roll with clotted cream ice cream and get a sweet dessert for your family. This is particularly helpful when hosting many people since it is easy to prepare.

Savory tarts

This will help you and your family take your veggies without struggling. Especially if you have kids around this is the way to lure them into loving their vegetables. This is a meal ideal for lunch as well as picnics and garden parties.


During summer, outdoor afternoon teas are common and you will always require accompaniments. Scones are almost always mandatory a sure way to get people to love your tea.

Picnic Loaves

Summer is the time of the year when everyone wants to be out there enjoying what nature has to offer. A good picnic is only regarded so if the food is as good as the weather. Get a bread mix and create dough to make loaves to serve with a cold drink.


Summer is the time of the year when trees decide to bring forth their yield. So if you decide to make fruit cakes there are so many fruits to choose from. This summer, experiment with different fruits and have fun with your baking tools and the oven.

No matter what your favorite baked delicacy is, you can have it this summer. Add a little fun to your life with summer baking.