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About us

About us

Since its formation in 1980, Firebird has grown over the last 35 years to be a leading specialist manufacturer of oil fired and multifuel heating systems. It has also diversified into other heating and cooking products with ranges of renewable heating products, inset stoves and most recently, range cookers. The Firebird brand has built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, technical excellence and service and we are proud of our quality engineered products.

Throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, the company invested substantially to increase production efficiency and capacity to meet the considerable growth in demand for its products. It introduced automated punching machines in the early ‘90s and has consistently added new production technology such as robotics to ensure consistent high quality remains a company priority, gaining ISO9000 Quality Assurance Accreditation in 1994.

It was a natural progression in the company’s product portfolio to put its expertise and technical excellence into the design of the current collection of range cookers to meet the public demand for traditional styled cookers.

After initially launching and proving the new range cookers in Ireland, the company has now successfully introduced them onto the UK market.


Why Firebird – the cast iron case

  • Quality – solid cast iron throughout
  • High efficiency SEDBUK A Rated condensing oil boiler
  • Cost saving in operation
  • Flexibility
  • Attractive look with symmetry of design
  • Excellent cooking performance with balanced temperature
  • Reliability
  • Nationwide service support
  • Robustness
  • Proven burner technology
  • Vitreous enamel finish
  • Innovative controls